I am sure that many of you have of Jamiel Shaw on the news lately, a seventeen year year-old boy who was shot by Pedro Espinoza an illegal immigrant gang member. Quite a sad story, it seems that he was on his way to Stanford University, a fine student, incredible athlete and doing what was right. His mother, Arm Sgt. Anita Shaw  was serving her forth tour in Iraq when her son was killed. Maybe Pedro Espinoza will have a fun time in prison where he will most likely be sent to the next world. More information can be found on this story here at JamielsLaw.com.

One thought on “Jamielslaw.com”

  1. What is happening is an outrage. The public servants are serving themselves. If they don’t pass Jamiel’s Law, they are responsible for all the future murders by these illegal alien gang members. How can they sit there and be bored by the pleas of the community in L.A. If they don’t act quickly, all of them must be removed from office as soon as possible. The city counsel is not a private club, they are servants. If they can’t do the will of the people then they must go. No one is going to spend their tourist money here and people who live here will leave L.A. It will turn into a giant ghetto.


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