Scott, the anti-Semite

I was listening to the Dennis Miller show a little earlier today which was hosted by Andrew Brightbart (did I spell this right?) since Dennis Miller was out sick. A real genius called today, his name was Scott. For several minutes he talked about how the Jews have caused most of the sufferings of mankind, Jews are evil, that there is a treacherous Zionist conspiracy was behind the founding of Israel even though the Jews currently make up only about .23% of the worlds’ population. This man of course called himself an anti-Semite, and Mr. Brightbart told him that Semite also refers to Arabs, to which Scott stated that anti-Semitism almost always only refers to Jews.

There were so many things that were funny about Scott. He refers to the Israelis and Jews as racists who hate all Arabs and Muslims even though about 16% of the population of Israel are Muslim. I also liked how Scott started talking about a series of four books called The International Jew by Henry Ford as if this is supposed to convince someone that Scott and the rest of his bigoted friends are correct. For those of you who were listening to the same thing that I did, what did you think of Scott? And for those of you who agree with Scott, could you tell me why? I must get to work now so that is all I can write of this for now.

Sin Cere,

Dirk Limon

2 thoughts on “Scott, the anti-Semite”

  1. Scott – my understanding of this is fairly complex but it goes somthing like this: Jews can either be religious and Godly – or not. If not, The Jews have a unique movement within them (as do all peoples everywhere) which requires them to RENOUNCE


  2. Wooooops!!! You are not called Scott – my apologies to you Dirk Limon, my clumsiness opposes my clarity and results in a weird sense of truth, and I hope you enjoy it!


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