Meet Obama’s friends, part I

In a short series of posts I will introduce you to some of Barack Obama’s radical and terrorist friends, starting with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I am sure that you have all heard of Barack Obama’s little problem with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, correct? I would like a Barack Obama supporter to explain how if Obama has better judgement than Hillary Clinton or John McCain, why he would associate with such people. Most of you reading this have probably heard small bits of the sermons of Rev. Wright, and probably also heard the common complaint that Obama and Rev. Wright made, that the comments were taken out of context. I fail to understand how Rev. Wright’s claims that the United States government created the AIDS virus to kill black people(plenty of white people have AIDS), or how he damned America to hell, but, just to put these comments in context and more fully understand Rev. Wright’s views, you can listen to about thirty minutes of two of Rev. Wright’s sermons here at How is this for context?

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