My insignificant thoughts on biofuels

First off, I have to wonder why we are growing corn to fuel cars. This makes no sense. I eat corn, I do not understand how putting it in all combustion engines is a good idea. Prices for all crops seem to be going up as the government mandates that more and more ethanol be put into gasoline. Why should a farmer grow things other than corn if the government is willing to pay him to grow corn to put it in an engine? People will starve as the price of all crops goes up because of this.

Secondly, how is using biofuels going to get us away from using oil? Shall we power all of our vehicles on vegetable oil? This just boggles my mind.

Thirdly, it is not efficient to use ethanol. It takes a large amount of energy to mass produce ethanol and it has to be moved by truck or train as it cannot be sent through a pipe like oil can. The mandate that ethanol should be put into gasoline may have been well intentioned but is not a good idea. I shall finish this post by a political cartoon from IBD Editorials. I shall write more on this later.

2 thoughts on “My insignificant thoughts on biofuels”

  1. You’ve got some good points here.

    First of all, the fact that corn prices are rising is a direct result of ethanol subsidies provided by the government. Bad idea. Although this has little to do with rising FOOD prices, it does transfer money from everyone else to farmers. Bad stuff.

    The point of ethanol’s “inefficiency” however, is generally misguided. Yes, it takes more energy to create ethanol than you get out of it. This happens to be true of every single chemical reaction. It also takes more energy to create hamburgers than we get out of them, because cows aren’t perfectly efficient. But no one goes around complaining about how cows are inefficient.

    In general, though, I completely agree with you. Ethanol is fine when it’s not subsidized, but right now it’s a transfer payment that’s not good for the economy on the whole. (And I say this as someone who received income from the sale of corn last year.)

    Thanks for the post.



  2. Andrew Brightbart, you are a breath of fresh air! You were unafraid to express your true feelings critical of Sen. Kennedy.I was so pissed off listening to the eulogies for that sad excuse for a human being, He only survived on the sentiments of voters dedicated to his asassinated brothers and the protection of the liberal media.
    Without media protection, where would Clinton be? Justice Thomas was crucified by Kennedy for one off-color remark while the media kept Clinton in office after seducing a young impressionable intern and having her give him a blow job under the Oval Office desk – while he conducted official business on the phone no less!


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