Democrats and losing elections…

The Democratic Party got hit by a sledgehammer in this last election, the Republicans gained even more House seats and will control the Senate soon. Now it’s time for the Democratic Party to find someone to blame for its failure and guess who it is? Their own constituents. Nancy Pelosi is blaming people for not voting as the cause to for the failure of the Democratic Party. She would never look to herself, the failure of the  “War on Women” narrative, the failure of the various race baiting narratives, or their support of Amnesty for illegal immigrants, just blame the people who voted for you in the first place. Perhaps accepting some responsibility would help out Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party?

Some Democrats blame their failure on Republicans making the election a “national election” instead of about the individual running for the election. I would say that what bills the politicians voted for should have an effect upon the local election, how else are citizens supposed to hold politicians responsible for the bills they vote for and against? The writers at Salon are already saying that the GOP will be vulnerable in the 2016 election. In the article the writers seem to be losing their religion though. I wonder if the Democratic Party will try the “War on Women” narrative as hard next election?


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