About that really bad catcalling video…

That street harassment video by Hollaback just keeps getting more and more views. Of course some people are calling for rather nebulous and unenforceable laws about “street harassment”, but plenty of other people aren’t buying it. With all of the real problems in our world the purveyors of the catcalling video want us to waste our time on people saying simple greetings to women. Do they not realize they are hurting their own cause by focusing on such non-threats and trivial matters? I wonder if Hollaback has ever made a video that goes over how evil something such as female genital mutilation that occurs in Muslim countries? Would Hollaback dare protest against Larry Flint? With the things Hollaback chooses to focus on I just can’t take them seriously. The world always has been and will be full of evil people and sociopaths who don’t care about you. It can’t be legislated away, random Internet videos and “research” won’t turn everyone into nice people. And really, it that’s all they can come up with by walking in a city with millions of people for ten hours I kind of just think Hollaback is interested in my money than doing anything substantive. Hollaback’s  message is about as good as decrying legitimate attempts to teach women self-defense as giving in to “patriarchy”. Here are some more thoughts and a few good videos on this also. Don’t forget to read the comments of the videos, they’re also pretty good. Powerline Blog-Heckling the Catcall Narrative

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