The continued rise of the Caliphate(s)

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Boko Haram continues to surge throughout Nigeria and they’ve taken the town of Chibok where they kidnapped two-hundred or so girls and provoked a bit of Internet outrage. Perhaps the Nigerian government should actually protect their citizens and get some soldiers that don’t immediately run away at any sign of the enemy. Wishful thinking I guess. Maybe we should send some guns and ammo to Nigerian civilians, they might fight harder than their own military and it might be more useful than a Twitter campaign. They can’t do worse anyway. In other Caliph news the Islamic State will soon mint its own coins in an effort to “emancipate itself from the satanic global economic system”. It’s hard to say how successful the Islamic State will be in this particular economic endeavor, but they’re trying really hard to turn their land holdings into a real nation-state. The Iraqi government has finally taken a little bit of land back from the Islamic State, but the Islamic State seems like it will be around for quite a while.

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