Bezerkeley and gas pump warnings

It seems that the city of Bezerkeley, uh I mean Berkeley, CA has approved a measure to place warning stickers on every gas pump in city limits stating the dangers of filling up. So if your driving to get your free pot around Berkeley you will get to see awesome stickers stating how evil you are and should pray to Al Gore for forgiveness. San Francisco is also considering such a measure. Here’s an example of possible warning labels being considered (Hat-tip to Michelle Malkin), which do you prefer?

920x920 label

The best thing to read are the comments from the Yahoo! article. Take a look at them, they’re pretty funny. Here’s a sampling of the comments:


I can just see it all now . The people will pull up to the pump , read these labels and break down in tears , go to their knees and start praying for Al Gore to forgive them .
They will then abandon their evil car at the pump and start walking .
Meanwhile Al gore hears of the massive traffic jams from the abandoned cars and orders his pilots to fly over it so he can see it first hand , while burning a thousand gallons of fuel an hour .


California must be the premier market for “warning label” manufacturers. My favorite are the warning labels that a building may contain cancer causing chemicals. Since California recognizes so many substances are potentially cancer causing, nearly every building in the state has been forced to post one of these signs. The signs are now meaningless, and with no knowledge of what substances they are talking about, you have no idea whether or not they’re talking about a packet of artificial sweetener or nuclear waste under the floorboards.


I have a better idea, Berkeley. Simply OUTLAW all gas powered (fossil fuel) vehicles within the city limits (the limit of your power) and require ALL people to purchase a bicycle. Voila! No more “greenhouse” gases. To further show your “green” how about no more farting within the city limits?
Take it a step further and greener: No more political speeches allowed within the city limits. Now that’s a real green answer.
California, the land of fruits and nuts. Berkeley, the #$%$ of California.


Berkeley is odd that way in my opinion… When you drive into town, you are greeted with Public Information signs–paid for by the citizens of the community–stating Berkeley is a Nuclear Free Zone; yet, UC Berkeley offers Masters Degrees and Doctorates in Nuclear Energy. Keep your Nuke studies on Campus and out of the town.

Priceless, what are your thoughts?

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