Boko Haram in Cameroon and citizen soldiers


It seems as if Nigeria wasn’t enough of a fight for Boko Haram, who are expanding their war to involve Cameroon now. The government of Cameroon has claimed some victories against Boko Haram, though they are frustrated by a lack of help from Nigeria whom they deride for having an army that runs from the enemy and doesn’t help. The war may have started in Nigeria, but it will not end in Nigeria alone. Only time will tell if Cameroon does any better.

Speaking of Nigerian military failures the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi insists that citizens make ready to defend themselves and expect no help from the government. Even President Jonathan doesn’t seem to have much faith in his military for he sacked his top commanders earlier this year. Based upon reports that vigilantes, hunters, and other citizens are engaged in the heavy fighting against Boko Haram I would be inclined to agree that the best option is for Nigerian citizens to fight for their own land and lives. The Nigerian government has done little to bring any kidnapped or enslaved citizens back as Boko Haram continues to enslave, conquer, and adapt. Those fighting against Boko Haram also have to worry about female suicide bombers now, yet another tactic to instill fear. The Nigerian government has claimed victory for once in a few towns, I wonder if it’s as real as the claim of a ceasefire? Who else believes that the best chance of survival for those in Northern Nigeria is to arm themselves? Might work out better than a Twitter campaign anyway.

A military vehicle and people pass site of an explosion at a police station in Kano article-7d713e96-e35a-43cb-bb56-be573656c978-6UBXitkZQ-HSK1-644_634x374

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