More bloodbaths courtesy of Boko Haram

Security and emergency agency staff investigate the Kano Central Mosque bombing scene in Kano _79384213_024911556-1

One bombing was at a mosque in Kano on Friday, killing over one hundred and injuring countless others. Another occurred in the mostly Christian town of Shani, a group of men on motorcycles threw bombs on the street and shot everyone in sight. The BBC article I’ve linked to states that people in Nigeria are unsure as to how to vent their frustration, perhaps putting a few bullets into Boko Haram members might do the trick. Maybe if the government would take some time away from their election fever to fight Boko Haram, that might also help their people out. I guess the Emir of Kano was right when he said citizens should only rely on themselves for defence.

Reuters – Suspected Boko Haram militants raid Nothern Christian town in Nigeria 

CNN – Boko Haram steps up attacks aimed at Islamic “establishment” in Nigeria

The Independent – At least 100 dead after Islamists launch attack on Nigerian mosque

_79384245_nigeriakanomaiduguri4641114 kano-mosque

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