Conserving Energy, Divide and Conquer, and Gun Control

The German government made some videos for its citizens describing how to conserve energy. Hat-tip to NoTricksZone. Enjoy!

Always remember, if you have sex to turn the lights off. Keep all of your clothes on also.

“The world says thanks. 5% less energy consumption in German households makes one coal power plant redundant. Together it’s climate protection.”

In the event of a zombie attack, close the windows to conserve heat. Couldn’t they have at least added a little bit of fake blood?

The world says thank you. Stop leaving the windows open in the winter time. Airing out the house all at once for a short time is better for the climate.”

Ads like this that show how sexy it is to save energy cost Germany 1.5 million Euros. Obviously, all men are pigs.

The climate says thanks. The climate is happy about every single bicycle ride.”



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