An attack on Australia and how to treat your slave

240DD65D00000578-2873855-At_least_13_people_are_being_held_hostage_by_terrorists_who_stor-m-74_1418608624151 240E265F00000578-2873855-A_man_believed_to_be_one_of_the_hostage_takers_was_filmed_wearin-a-40_1418607805766

It seems that in Australia is dealing with a bit of Islamic rage right now. An undetermined number of people are being held hostage by an Islamic gunman in a Sydney cafe. It started this morning, the police haven’t made too much contact with the attacker, and three people were freed.  The hostages have held up the Shahada flag. A radio host in the area claims to have made contact with a hostage inside an the assailant who was demanding to go live on the air and talk with PM Tony Abbot. In a related event a man was arrested just a few hours prior to the hostage situation on a terrorism raid. I wonder what the assailant has in store for his hostages? Hey, I wonder if his reasoning has something to do with Islam? Guess we’ll never know.

UK Daily Mail-Gunman takes hostages in café in Sydney

The Jerusalem Post-Hostages held inside Sydney café, forced to hold up Islamic flag

240E362B00000578-2873855-Scores_of_police_have_surrounded_the_cafe_in_Martin_Place_amid_c-a-53_1418607805860 240DF56C00000578-2873855-image-a-146_1418611533524

In other news the Islamic State released a pamphlet describing how one should treat their slaves. The pamphlet describes how it’s OK to have sex with your virgin female slave unless it’s the slave of your wife of course. It’s also OK to have sex with your child slave if “she is fit for intercourse“. I wonder how that’s defined? But of course, the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, nothing at all. Here’s some more details if you feel like reading about it.

Washington Times-Islamic State hands out rules for sex slaves in Iraq

CNN-ISIS:Enslaving, having sex with “unbelieving” women, girls is OK


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