Meet the new Palestinian superhero, Gaza Man!

GazaManEn2-300x264 Untitled

Some of the Muslim Arabs living in the Gaza strip have come up with a new superhero by the name of Gaza Man. To quote a Palestinian activist by the name of Mohammed Mus’ab about the idea behind Gaza Man: “We will never sanctify people, but we can sanctify the idea of a masked man who devotes his life to protect his land, his religion and his principles.” Perhaps Gaza Man will guide Katyusha rockets fired by Hamas to their intended civilian targets for maximum death and destruction? Maybe he’ll help cleanse the Earth of all the evil and greedy Zionist devils. Maybe Gaza Man will instigate a second Holocaust amongst Jews living in Israel so that Hamas can rule over the land in peace, liberty, and prosperity. Obviously, Israel and all of the Jews are evil and Hamas is the role model of decency, civility, and justice. I can’t wait to see cartoons featuring Gaza Man.

As everyone knows Hamas is really into the whole two-state solution idea and peace with Israel, so much so that only 80% of Palestinians support murdering Israeli civilians. Just think, a whole twenty percent of the population doesn’t support butchering Jews, that’s a lot people. Doesn’t that just want to make you get up and cheer for a Hamas victory?

Jihad Watch-“Palestinian” Superhero “Gaza Man” takes on the Jews

The Tower-Media and Terror: New Palestinian Superhero “Gaza Man” Fights the Jews

Al-Omah (Arabic link)

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