Another 172 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram

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It seems as if some Boko Haram gunmen have taken another group of girls from their homes in the Nigerian village of Gumsuri. The war raging in Nigeria seems to be continuing very violently. The town of Gwoza was seized by Boko Haram, who began to systematically exterminate the elderly who were not able to run away fast enough. Boko Haram also gathered together the elderly in other villages in retribution for a defeat they recently suffered. The Nigerian government managed to ambush members of Boko Haram, kill seventy of them, and routed their assault near the village of Maiduguri.

On another note in the ongoing war, the Nigerian military recently sentenced fifty-four of its soldiers to execution by firing squad for the crime of mutiny. The defense for the condemned soldiers claimed that they simply questioned orders to recapture some villages based upon a lack of sufficient weaponry, not rebelling or colluding to disobey orders. The prosecution is accusing them of refusing to participate in an assault with another battalion to recapture a village and clear the way for other Army groups. The Nigerian Army really is having serious moral problems in their war with Boko Haram. This letter to President Jonathan Goodluck by one of his commanders reveals many significant problems within the Nigerian military, hopefully the government does something constructive with its recommendations.


I wonder how many more people will be abducted, enslaved, or killed before Boko Haram is stopped. Maybe they’ll form their own state and will be around for years to come? I pray that the citizens of Nigeria are able to crush Boko Haram. There are plenty of vigilantes who are fighting against the evil, I wonder if they have enough guns and ammo? Some people truly believe that violence never solves anything, perhaps they should try to strike up a cordial conversation with Abubakar Shekau and the rest of Boko Haram? I’ve always wondered why liberals believe that their sit-in’s, die-in’s and Twitter campaigns that they forget about in a month will have any affect on armed sociopaths.

Reuters-Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnap 172 women, children in Nigeria

Premium Times-Yobe, Borno villages under Boko Haram attacks

Leadership-Boko Haram Massacres Aged Persons in Gwoza

Sahara Reporters-Nigerian Military Sentences 54 Soldiers To Death For Mutiny

There are no subtitles for the first video, but a transcript is available when viewed from Youtube.

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