With rising violence in Afghanistan, Obama declares all is well

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Queue the laugh track, as attacks and Afghani security forces deaths stack up (4,000 this year, the highest of any year) the President is having his second mission accomplished moment and declared that “Afghanistan is not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again“. Don’t worry, those constant suicide bomber attacks are getting better over time. If the intention was always to give up just as he did in Iraq, why not just order a withdrawal as soon as he took office and cut our losses? If he never really cared, why did so many of our soldiers have to die after he took office? I guess Iraq and Afghanistan withdrawals need to be timed for political expediency and minimal Democratic Party losses. If the President had said his reasons for leaving the war were something like: it wasn’t my war to begin with, it’s not important to me, or the war is unjust, I could at least have respect for his statements. But to claim a stable and secure country has been left in Afghanistan is extremely disingenuous and about as laughable as the claims he made concerning Iraq two years ago. As Taliban and other enemy forces continue to blow more people up, ISAF soldiers are forced to memorize propaganda such as this little gem though:


Afghanistan could easily become worse than it ever was under Taliban rule, perhaps even worse than Iraq is now. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, did the President declare the war in Iraq over or not? Was such a choice his decision? Perhaps he was expecting Iraq to fall apart? Maybe Iraq is a safe place now? Let’s find out:

Iraq Iraq_advisors redsteeze-obame1

Bonus Round: Name that foreign policy success!

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