Humility, Limousine Liberals, Crime, North Korean technology, and why Twilight sucks





You might be asking why I’m making fun of Twilight? It’s really pretty simple, at least I think so anyway. Stephanie Meyer created one of the worst book series of all time. The Twilight series has given books and literature in general a bad name leaving only one way to rectify the situation: force all Twilight fans to watch Blade, or the Hellsing OVA if you’re into Anime. The films were equally horrible and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Just look at the poor  IMBD(5.2/10) or Rotten Tomatoes(5.4/10) ratings. I refused to subject myself to watching all four films, or even all of one for that matter. Here’s an even bigger question, why can’t Kirsten Stewart close her mouth or act as something other than sad or depressing?

However, the folks at Screen Junkies have suffered through all of the films many times to point out all of the absurdities and flaws of the film for our entertainment. Also for our sanity, I just can’t comprehend how some people can stand such poor acting, dialogue, or plots. For anyone who’s interested, all four Honest Trailers are attached at the end of this post. I assure you that you’ll get plenty of good laughs and numerous faults to point out to your friends that inexplicably enjoy the Twilight franchise. Enjoy! (EDIT: Here’s over 100 reasons that the Twilight book series is complete and total garbage.)

blade_vs_edward_cullen_by_sarah_93_yin_yang-d4j0hzb 55a50fb8c1cad5a20053fcec5d108b9e polls_TwilightSUCKS_1625_864074_poll_xlarge

alucard_vs_edward_by_yamiwolfofdarkness-d56fubb realvamp-9994554142 blade-twilight pixar-is-better-than-twilight

Round One, Fight! Enjoy love expressed by stares.

Round Two, Twilight still sucks. Watch the forced love triangle.

The third attempt that still failed. This time, there’s even more three-way stares!

Arm yourself for the fourth and then final film. In this one, they finally have sex!

4 thoughts on “Humility, Limousine Liberals, Crime, North Korean technology, and why Twilight sucks”

    1. When you say likeable people, do you mean the actors, production team, or someone else? If you’re talking about the people at Screen Junkies, I agree that they’re very likeable. Those who made the Twilight series may be good people, but that doesn’t mean the films are any good.


      1. I meant the leads (girlie-whats-her name and Cedric Diggory) and the the director. I should mention I only ever say the first twilight once with the audio commentary on. Weird I know but nonetheless based on that experience I thought it was a good movie (for people to talk over)


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