Another year finished, another year of killing for Boko Haram

bomb blst  Brig-Gen-Olukolade-620x330  Nigeria_Gombe_State_map2-702x336

Boko Haram decided to ignore any New Years’ celebrations that were going on (or rather to target them) and started this year off with more death and suicide bombings. A man blew himself up while a church and injured eight people while another homicide bomber attacked Nigerian Army barracks in the city of Gombe. Other fights in the ongoing war between Boko Haram and Nigeria included the death of at least fifteen in a village of northeastern Nigeria. Concerning the fight between Cameroon and Boko Haram the government claims to have killed at least 41 Boko Haram members in recent airstrikes. Cameroon also continues to deride Nigeria for failing to maintain the sovereignty of its own country. To round out the year Boko Haram has killed around 10,300 in Nigeria, this caliphate is just as busy killing as the other one is.

In the midst of all these attacks the Nigerian Army expounded upon why they haven’t retaken areas captured by Boko Haram. According to an Army spokesman: “we are not interested in collateral damage, the Nigeria army is very careful about collateral damage, to that extent, our operations are carefully planned to make sure that collateral damage is reduced to the barest minimum.” There may be something to that, though those of lower rank in the Nigerian military may believe otherwise. I wonder how seriously any of you reading this take President Jonothan when he says he plans to defeat Boko Haram?

As far as any support from the U.S. is concerned, anything substantive coming to fruition is unlikely. We all remember the shot of the First Lady holding up a sign with a sad face as if that would actually convince Abubakar Shekau and the rest of Boko Haram to free the girls they enslaved and end their killing spree. A few drones were sent over to Nigeria that flew around rather aimlessly, along with a few soldiers though they weren’t doing much either. While it is true that the Nigerian military hasn’t fought very effectively and is also probably not well-equipped and trained, though if the Eric Holder DOJ can give guns to Mexican drug cartels, why not a few rifles for the citizens of Nigeria? Boko Haram is killing as many people as the Islamic State is, enslaving and kidnapping countless women and children so perhaps Boko Haram also deserves some attention. I guess it’s not the popular leftist cause to tweet or protest about though. Every country fighting Boko Haram really is on their own.

xHashtag-Diplomacy-copy.jpg,qresize=508,P2C394.pagespeed.ic.0TmvS37wLGMVUGKoHM4m  cameroon-military-610x336

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