Che, socialism, Libertarians, and Liberals

     This post will be full of humor, fun, and enjoyment for all, especially for the secret socialist that’s hiding deep within your soul. Comrade, you know you want to smash capitalism and give your life for the revolution. Remember, the only way to keep yourself out of the Gulag is to give what you own to each according to his needs. Never forget how well socialism has worked out for: the former Soviet Union, countries of the former Warsaw Pact, North Korea, Cuba, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Detroit. Smash capitalism by using your IPhone and Twitter feeds.

Capital_One_Card_Marx_330 che-logo Che Mercedes Employee Month che postertumblr_li8fsphMGD1qhmguto1_500Brain Opener Complete Idiot's Guide to Fighting Capitalism by K. MarxTurboShare Chavez War Colombia Professional Left Gears Tibet Poster Keep Progressi Sign Denounce Capitalism iP Socialism Not Safe Alt Larg

Union Poster Spread Detroit



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