Je suis Charlie

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By now many if not most of you have heard about the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Paris upon the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. They came in screaming, demanding people to direct them to Charlied Hebdo and enter the security code for their door. Twelve dead people later they calmly walked away, got in a firefight, and then drove off. On their way out they decided to say “Allahu akbar” and “we have avenged the prophet“. One of suspects turned themselves in after seeing his name in the news. Two other terrorists, Cherif and Said Kouachi are hiding out in a forest north of Paris as French police continue their dragnet. I guess a blasphemy lawsuit and  firebombing against Charlie Hebdo just wasn’t enough for some people.

Obviously, this attack has nothing to do with Islam and you should feel ashamed about even thinking the killers were Muslim. Just banish that thought from your head right now. Whether we’re talking about an attack on the Madrid subway, blowing up subway trains and a bus in London, or countless thousands of other terrorist attacks every single one of them are lone wolves. So stop your thoughcrime and think of something else. The men who commit such acts are simply misunderstood, you simply don’t understand them. See, things like clitorectomy are just apart of their culture and you have no right to judge them, infidel. You must understand, it’s OK when people make fun of and/or criticize everyone except Muslims and Mohammed because someone that has nothing to do with Islam will try to blow you up. Understand?

One thing I am curious about though, how many millions of votes did Marine La Pen and the Front National (FN) just get from these attacks? Even though the Front National got the most votes of any party in the last election they were excluded from a national unity rally. I wonder how that will work out?

UK Daily Mail-They shouted out names… then fired

UK Daily Mail-Teenage suspect “arrested after handing himself into police”

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