The Goreacle and Billary

Today’s picture post will be even more fun-filled and hilarious than my last picture post, I guarantee it! You must understand that as a lowly serf you are required to lower your carbon footprint so that people such as Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio can raise their own. Once they see all of us abandon our cars in the street, give up all electrical/electronic devices, use one sheet of toilet paper on our ass, and prostrating towards the Idol of the Goreacle the rich leftists will come out in their personal jets to observe our newly found faith, all the while burning 300 G (about 953 L) of fuel an hour. Even if it doesn’t look like it, rich environmentalists are struggling everyday. If you ask environmentalists, they would tell you that they don’t fly enough. It’s their right to use more resources, not yours loser.

Speaking of struggling with poverty, the next topic for ridicule is Billary, er uh, Hillary Clinton. As we all know, the Clinton’s are “dead broke” and are “unlike the truly well off”. What you need to realize is that the needs of Bill and Hillary are so great that receiving over $200,000 for one speech just isn’t enough when you’re rich and have important work like Hillary does. You must reduce your own needs and drain your bank account for the betterment of society. Billary’s just that important! Besides, what difference does it make at this point if your meaning of dead broke doesn’t match hers? Perhaps one year Billary will finally get out of politics and move on, but not for at least two more years though. I just can’t wait to hear her presidential campaign speeches. Enjoy!

al-gore Y6 resized_creepy-willy-wonka-meme-generator-so-global-warming-causes-sea-level-rise-tell-me-more-why-al-gore-has-beachfront-property-ff2b2f  gore_income Goran - the holy book of climatologists 2COP-15HypocrisyOffsetFullSize121709Complete_IdiotsGuide_GlobWaGoreacleByP4YAlCAAICHz7.jpg:large

Hillary_Poster_Needs hillary_poor 0674e3ada25608e66ea0d325160f6db7 hillary_broke poor-hillarycb09cacbae14d565906519e9671d0560MAD-Magazine-1-Broke-Girl_53972d0e44b385.63571944-423x620 billary_4Billary_display

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