Voting Union, Warren Buffett, Feminists, and the IDF

Today’s post will consider many topics such as: why we should all avoid Detroit, why it’s not OK for men to wear what they want, and how much more egalitarian Israel is compared to its neighbors. Enjoy!

Union Poster Detroit Utopia welcome-to-detroit-2012-detroit-democrats-unions-ghetto-politics-1339012321 detroit-in-ruins-dumbcrats-liberals-fail-political-poster-1297104849 43  HiroshimaDetroit

The U.S. is no longer a majority shareholder of GM, but I’ll leave this here anyway.


We all know that Warren Buffett cares about the rich paying more taxes right?


I wonder what feminists think of this? What happens when different identity groups that liberals purport to support against evil right-wingers disagree with each other? If western feminists think that “patriarchy” in the U.S. and Europe is bad maybe the should take a look at Pakistan? There you have it folks, multiculturalism at work for you!


Muslim Rape, Feminist Silence


I guess men don’t have the right to wear what they want. It’s not as if feminists accept opposing viewpoints from other women, so why would they possibly accept it from other men? Perhaps there’s a reason most women are avoiding the f-word?



Finally, here are some pictures of women in the IDF! I wonder what western feminists would think of their rights in Israel’s Muslim Arab neighbors? As we all know, Hamas and Fatah are just a great bunch of guys to live under.

idf-strong-girl 211 95383778 IDF_1 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The-IDF-Celebrates-2012-International-Womens-Day-Infographic

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