Thousands dead in Nigeria from the latest series of Boko Haram attacks

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In Boko Haram’s most recent spate of attacks they have killed hundreds, if not over two thousand in Baga and surrounding villages, mostly elderly and children who weren’t able to run away from the assault fast enough. The victims’ bodies are strewn through city streets and the bush and many of the local militiamen have simply given up trying to count the dead and dying. This is the deadliest attack that Boko Haram has carried out to date. As always: “Security forces have responded rapidly, and have deployed significant military assets and conducted air strikes against the militant targets” according to a government spokesperson. You would think that an organization like Boko Haram that’s estimated to have between 15,000 to 50,000 members would be decimated by all of the victorious government attacks some point soon. Obviously, you’d be wrong.

In another turn of events Boko Haram has started to use the girls that have been enslaved and kidnapped as their homicide bombers now. Three young girls have been used in bombings in the northern Nigeria towns of Potiskum and Maiduguri, killing at least thirteen. Boko Haram really is doing everything they can to challenge authorities in Nigeria and neighboring countries.

In Boko Haram’s war against Cameroon the government claims to have repelled an assault from the group against the military base in Kolofata, though no casualty figures were given. The assault is thought to be in response to recent airstrikes by Cameroon’s Air Force. Watch as Abubakar Shekau threatens the people of Cameroon.

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The Guardian-Boko Haram’s “deadliest massacre”: 2000 feared dead in Nigeria

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London Daily Mail-Cameroon repels cross-border Boko Haram attack on army base

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