Judge Dredd, autism and Elizabeth Warren

I’m a big fan of Judge Dredd, I’ve read a few books about it, watched both movies and of course thought the 1995 version with Stallone was a pretty poor film. At least the problems with the old film were rectified in 2012. Dredd wasn’t flashy, Judge Dredd kept his mask on for more than five minutes, Karl Urban spoke a lot more clearly and seemed to fit the role of Judge Dredd a lot better, and it had the level of violence befitting of Judge Dredd. I hope that you enjoy today’s post!

1e96185dfb61820a1123853effa8cdc8e2da4c0e94f3d0245915760b781a12d2 Dredd_AP tumblr_mdd7ybLYFK1qizo1co1_400h9Hh0Stallone Karl Urban Judge Dredd

The anti-vaccine movement can be real funny sometimes. Why do people listen to Jenny McCarthy about autism? Can anyone in the anti-vaccine movement name her qualifications? It’s kind of like considering Al Gore an expert on the Internet.

Autism-causes-copy.jpg,qresize=580,P2C380.pagespeed.ce.dNs5ORf741NhvY5PYUXX i-93602c037babacacc8bc0683f26eb4bf-MedicalWackaloonB-1  561286_493297960740218_790434548_n makuYIJ

It really is hilarious when rich leftists lecture other people on the value of work and how other people need to be more generous with their tax dollars. Obviously, she’s not a part of the evil, disgusting and quite horrible “1 percent” that she always chides against.

elizabeth-warrens-indian-name-vik-battaile-republican-lincol-politics-1346826442 120503-left-wing-style-guide

proof MA_BH-540x582

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