Political Science, a map of Europe, gas prices and illegal immigration

Time for another picture post. I’ll be asking vital questions such as: what exactly do political scientists do, how do American progressives imagine Europe in their heads, whether or not Harry Reid supports Amnesty, and the how the President affects oil prices. Enjoy!


Europe Map Democrats

There’s a Facebook page entitled Being Liberal. On this page some group of leftists post up pictures of things that they use to further their argument, at least in their mind anyway. It’s really funny when leftists claim to be involved in lower gasoline prices in any manner, considering that leftists in California have gotten fracking banned in some counties, New York has banned all fracking in state limits, and it’s not as if Congressional Democrats and President Obama are big supporters of  the Keystone XL pipeline. Why not take credit for lowering oil prices when you have nothing to do with it though right? Especially when it’s concerning an industry that you despise and claim is destroying the environment. Perhaps it’s time for Being Liberal to change their name? I’m not the one that made the following photo, another group called Being Liberal Logic came up with it.


Does anyone else remember that time Democrats wanted to send immigrants back to their home country? I thought leftists didn’t want to forcefully remove immigrants from the U.S.? I guess it depends upon the likelihood of the target group to vote left.

DALRYMPLE GONZALEZ elian-gonzales-democrats-suck-political-poster-1271373633

Does Harry Reid support illegal immigration or not? Let’s ask him and find out. Here’s Harry Reid in 1993:

Watch what he has to say about “undocumented Americans” in 2007:

3142p9l c55e12b69d9f442abd1f202051a03e88 harry-reid-arrogance

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