Check Your Privilege Episode I: Diversity at Michigan and other racial musings

As some of you may have heard, “White Privilege” is a major problem in the U.S. that needs to be discussed and addressed.  If your a white person, you may not realize what privilege society has afforded you and allows you to get away with. Discussions on White Privilege are so important that there are conferences devoted to this topic and even some taxpayer money goes towards such musings. In spite of whatever racist beliefs you may be harboring, you cis white male you, society is geared towards you and no matter what you say you’re not an individual, but rather part of a collective. This collective you’re a part of is known as “whiteness“. All others are “persons of color”. Surrender your individuality. Your distinctiveness will be added to the Prog. Your culture will be adapted to serve the Prog. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Now that I’ve explained why your a racist, ignorant and sexist pig, enjoy some videos that will explain why you’re a privileged white person. As always, accusations of White Privilege have no further political purposes and aren’t a way for some people to make money. Now stop being racist and ignorant. Enjoy the videos!

Don’t forget about Asian Privilege!

Before I end this post, there’s one thing I’ve never been able to get a good, direct answer on from leftists. My father was born in Mexico and has some German ancestry. My mother has a lineage going directly back to Germany. Their ancestors left for the New World just after and before WWI respectively. Am I white? Do I receive White Privilege? Am I a part of institutional racism? Should I be forced to pay reparations for slavery? What’s the demarcation point for receiving White Privilege? I’ve been been given answers such as like I’m asking the wrong questions, or simply get ignored at times. Perhaps one day, a leftist will give me a straight answer as to why I’m not a free-thinking person. I could always be a “White-Hispanic” I guess. Until then, enjoy a few pictures also.

275px-PeoplesCube_toaster newsweek losingdebate

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