Wall Street Occupation, liberal tolerance and low information voters

Who else didn’t watch the State of the Union Address? Don’t bother lying, I know that most of you didn’t in spite of how many leftists say it was a great oration and “sucked all of the air” out of the room. More on that later, for now though I’ll be focusing on the “Occupy” movement and the concept of liberal tolerance and acceptance of others’ viewpoints. Enjoy!

This is the manual every “occupier” should study and take to heart. Whether it’s about demanding “free” stuff, demanding money, or asking for some deodorant this handy reference has all the information your Occupy camp could ever desire. Buy now for the low, low price of $19.95! Don’t forget to add The Progressive Bible Lite to your order for 50% off. Supplies are limited, order now!

Wall Street Occupation For Dunnies Progressive Bible Obama 500

Smash the evil capitalist system, then we can all live in a workers’ paradise like Cubans do. Hammer and sickle your path to serfdom, er I mean true liberty and freedom from the ruling class.

Union Fist Poster Poster Save Economy Pay Tax filth-fury-tpc occupussy-01-tpc Liberate_Wall_Street_600

Low information voting goes hand in hand with the “Occupy” movement. Rape also goes along with the Occupy movement, though since not committed by the “the campus’s resident conservative” or the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity feminists and much of the media had little to say. I think I found some good bumper stickers for low information voters. What do you think?

Low_Information_Voter_Thoughts Obamacare voted-for-change-peoples-cube bumpersticker1

It’s the deal of the century, buy 100 Hillary bumper stickers for the infinitesimally small price of $1000! Your Hillary supporting low information voter will surely love these stickers (and cough up the dough). They’re going fast though, so buy now!


Now it’s time for a good dose of leftist tolerance. As we all know, leftists most definitely respect the opinions of others. If you disagree, you’re committing thoughcrime. Now stop it and believe what you’re told serf.

tumblr_n1f02z1DOv1rn1831o1_500 thoughtcrime Stalin_Guilty_Thoughtcrime

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