The ultimate interview with President Obama- featuring GloZell!

Some of you may have heard about the three interviews the President recently did in the White House with three YouTube personalities. Depending upon which media critic you ask, such interviews “just seemed beneath the dignity of the office to be hanging out with some of these YouTubers”. I personally believe people like that are just a bit off. Especially so considering that shows such as Al Sharpton’s PoliticsNation are allowed to exist or Washington Post reporters that were trying to get a shot of the President literally shitting a rainbow for the “picture that would have launched a thousand metaphors”. It’s not like more traditional media outlets will necessarily ask hard questions, so why not let someone else try? Again, it can’t be worse than Al Sharpton.

While there were three interviews, I’m really only going to talk about the one with GloZell. There was the talk on police brutality and tactics, GloZell giving the President some green lipstick and I couldn’t stop wondering why there was a really big cinnamon jug in the background. The “first wife” comment was pretty hilarious. GloZell did ask the President about Cuba with a question on why deal with a man and regime who puts the “dick in dictator” at 5:55. That’s a pretty hard question compared to what much of the media asks and stories on the current administration. While GloZell has done some odd things, at least she got one good question in there. Here’s the interview in its entirety for anyone who’s interested:

As with anything of such a nature, don’t forget to read the comments. Let’s take a look shall we?

GloZell comment

Oh my, what insight!

unicorn  Low_Information_Voter_Thoughts


As we all know, when the government says that something is “free” it must be really free. Or in the case of the free community college plan it will be funded by taxes on 529 college savings plans and some method of tax collection by the states. College that’s so free, it’ll take over sixty billion! What’s interesting is that the author of this post even notes the high taxes in her country to pay for “free” stuff.



Look, another insightful post.


Honestly, I’ve never heard of GloZell Green before. I don’t think that I’ll be watching another show of hers, though she still seems more tasteful than what certain parts of modern culture consist of.

Lastly, I just want to make fun of Al Sharpton one last time. Watch the full interview if you’re interested here. Enjoy!

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