Of President Obama and foreign policy trips

The President completed his trip to India a short time ago and discussed among other things, carbon emissions. By now most of you have heard of the non-binding piece of paper that states that China will supposedly reduce emissions by 2030. If you’re a hardcore leftist or environmentalist, you might actually believe that the Chinese will actually abide by this and hinder their own economy in the name of climate protection. People who are dumb enough to actually believe this should read this article from The Onion on the topic. No such deal was able to be negotiated with PM Modi, he’s probably too honest to make any sort of a deal he won’t keep. Just like the Chinese, he also has little interest in hobbling his own economy and people over carbon emissions. I bet that for a lot of reasons, PM Modi and President Obama probably don’t get along well in private. I suppose that India simply isn’t tolerant enough of Muslims.

Speaking of tolerance, the President and First Lady cut short the trip to India due to the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Plenty of foreign dignitaries spoke of the reforms and progressive policies initiated by King Abdullah. Also, depending upon whom you asked Mrs. Obama may or may not have sparked a backlash in Saudi Arabia for not wearing a headscarf. While western women aren’t required to wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia, Mrs. Obama did so on other trips to majority Muslim countries such as Indonesia. I wonder why not for this most recent occasion though, I wonder what was different? I’ve always wondered what would happen the groups leftists claim to champion aren’t tolerant of each other. Perhaps they’ll have to visit the Tolerance Museum or report to Tolerance Camp.


Times of India-Obama-Modi climate deal: Unlike China, no emission target for India

Do those of you reading this have any thoughts on India’s refusal to falsify climate data as China is? Enjoy the pictures!

ironyearth BabyPower_Generator_450 Climate_Change_CHart_Measure

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