Of Michael Moore and snipers

By now most of you have probably heard about Michael Moore making nonsensical comments about snipers because if there’s anything that Michael Moore is an expert on, it’s obviously the military. I guess making a film like Bowling for Columbine or writing Downsize This! gives Moore some idea on how the military works. Maybe it’s his constant railing against capitalism even as he’s made millions from selling his product. Michael Moore in his defense has referred to those who have criticised his idiotic comment as “bloviators” and that he cares about troops more because he’s hired some of them as bodyguards. If your the folks at Snopes calling snipers cowardly right after the success of the film isn’t meant to insult Chris Kyle or the film. I wonder how the following comment should be construed then? The timing must mean nothing.


Oh well, I suppose that Michael Moore has to do something to stay in the spotlight and generate more attention for himself. Maybe he’s about to sell another film where he denounces big businesses while he himself makes more millions off of fellow progressives. Big words will surely flow from such a big man. You would think that someone who walks up to a business to make a citizens arrest and collect billions for the people would be generous with his own millions and not have so much money himself. It must be some Koch brothers’ conspiracy that prevents Michael Moore from donating more though. Remember everyone, that Michael Moore is not a part of the evil, wretched and capitalistic 1%. He can’t be bought.

What do you think about Michael Moore? Is he a waste of space or the most feared film-maker in the U.S.? Enjoy the pictures!

capitalism michael-moore-hypocrite hypocrite-Moore-39525257284 heroes 161425513_afb_michael_moore_answer_1_xlarge 35ig3l 2011_11-michael-moore-hypocrite

3 thoughts on “Of Michael Moore and snipers”

    1. I suppose that you’re right. I should buy my penance by purchasing one of Michael Moore’s many films along with some Carbon Credits. Yea, that should do it.

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