The ongoing struggle against Boko Haram and other news

0205-OBOKO Chadian soldiers drive through the streets of Gambaru

It seems as if some real progress is starting to be made against Boko Haram, government forces of Chad decided to wipe out Boko Haram from the Nigerian frontier town of Gamboru Ngala and claimed to have killed 200 of Boko Haram’s members. The African Union is also sending in a force of 7500 soldiers from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Benin to eliminate Boko Haram. France has also sent advisers to Nigeria to aid in military coordination against Boko Haram and is also sending munitions and fuel to aid in the ongoing war. Depending upon how the next Nigerian election goes (and how long it gets delayed) the Nigerian people might put a more effective military leader into power.

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But of course, Boko Haram isn’t a group to let a defeat get the best of them. In response, Boko Haram waltzed into the Cameroonian town of Fotokol and started to burn homes, a mosque, slitting throats, and killing over one hundred people. The war against Boko Haram is not even close to over and nothing but a bunch of bullets to the chest and head will stop them. Maybe people who advocate sending food and medical aid to Nigeria should also ask to send some guns to the Nigerian and other affected people? What do those of you reading this think of such an idea?

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In other Islamic State News both Japanese prisoners were executed along with the immolation of a captured Jordanian pilot who may have been executed weeks ago. The execution was made a public spectacle including a child who claimed that he wouldn’ve have set the pilot, Moaz al-Kaseasbeh, aflame himself. Jordan is refusing to back down and has promised to bring death to the Islamic State and launched several attacks against the Islamic State along with executing two prisoners. The people of Jordan don’t seem broken.

Fox News is about the one of the only media outlets to release the entire video for anyone who’s interesting in watching it. Most searches for the video on YouTube will simply lead you to videos of people talking about the video rather then actually showing it, even many of the ones that make you sign in to verify your age. The video released by the Islamic State is heavily edited and is interspersed with various news reports, footage of fighter jets, images of rubble, the captured pilot being forced to explain air operations against the Islamic State, and finally his immolation. It lasts just over 22 minutes.

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