Tax Evasion, Prog Fantasy, the Uninsured, and Al-Qaeda Sniper

Here’s more propaganda from the People’s Cube for all of you enjoy and reflect upon. Make sure that you share these photos with your friends, it’s definitely what they’re craving.

IRS_Weird_Tax_Trick IRS_Computer_Burning IRS_Coimputer_Pleads_Fifth

I’ve never really understood the leftist obsession for constantly ridiculing Sarah Palin. I’m not a big fan of hers but I thought that liberals were the ones pushing all of those anti-bullying campaigns. I guess that it’s OK if the individual in question doesn’t vote consistently left. Perhaps they also took that SNL skit where Tina Fey said she can see Russia from her home too seriously? But leftists are really supportive of Elizabeth Warren and her millions though, she says lots of populist things.

prog fantasy  Elizabeth Warren

Don’t forget to crush the uninsured comrade, fines for all who decline!


Michael Moore can definitely get behind this sniper movie.


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