EPA for the future, white racists, and a union-free Detroit

Alright everyone, it’s time for more truth from the collective known as The People’s Cube! Today we’ll be going over: EPA control and its vision for the future, the actions of evil white Islamophobic racists, and how horrible a Union-free Detroit would be compared to the current city of Detroit. As always, share these images with your friends to prove how wrong and evil libertarians, KKKonservatives, and other non-leftists are. Enjoy!

Roman-EPA-Inspired-Obama-EPA-Ban-on-High-MPG-Fords-0001aAa-600x397 NeytiriReports-Obama_EPA-Exempts_GE_From_Carbon-Footprint_Limitations-001a-580x325 EPA_Control_BigBrother EPA_Clean_Energy_Future_Caveman

Never forget comrade, your continued consumption of meat contributes to global warming climate change. Stop eating meat for the greater good. Also, stop breathing while you’re at it.


Another wretched instance of Islamophobia.

Battle_of_Tours_CHarles_Martel Charles_Martel_Diane_Feinstein

Just imagine how much worse and horrible a Union-free Detroit would be compared to the great metropolis that it is today. There are no words available in the English language for such a description.


Bonus round: equality in fisting for everybody!

Fisting WeLike

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