Twenty-one Coptic Christians executed by the Islamic State in Libya

25B68F8A00000578-2954746-Horror_A_new_video_has_been_released_by_ISIS_allegedly_showing_t-m-21_1424030863648 LIBYA-UNREST-EGYPT-CHRISTIANS-IS

It seems that many Egyptians head off to Libya for work opportunities and higher paychecks, even after Qadaffi was removed from power and general chaos ensued. Even with major cities like Benghazi and Tripoli in control of rebels Egyptians still flock to get Libyan work visas. For twenty-one Egyptian Copts captured in January it’s not working out so well, the Islamic State claims to have executed them and this report has been confirmed by the Egyptian government. According to Egyptian President al-Sisi: “Egypt reserves the right to respond in a suitable way and time to punish these murderers,”. Just another success story from the Arab Spring I suppose. Below are some links to the story and a video for anyone who’s interested.

Yahoo! News-IS in Libya says it has beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians

AOL News-Video purports to show ISIS militants beheading hostages

As always, don’t forget to read the comments. Sometimes they have insight, and other times they’re just funny.

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