Thoughtcrime, indoctrination, the evils of capitalism, and carbon credits

If you know that you’ve been committing thoughtcrime then today’s post is for you comrade. Today’s post will be especially useful against greedy Losertarians, bigoted and crazy KKKonservatives, and evil RepubliKKKans. Your progressive friends are sure to love these photos. Ensure that you disseminate these photos as widely as possible. Enjoy!

Comrade, why are you thinking the wrong thoughts? Stop it, or face the Gulag. Don’t be a Tea-Bagger, learn doublethink. Report crimes against the state to

thoughcrime_2 WardenOfThought-CrimeGulag-cAa0At580x444 Malware_Healthcare_Chrome_Warning_Cube Liberal_Oxymorons

Don’t forget to allow leftists to indoctrinate your children.


Remember, if you want  to keep your own money you’re a greedy evil person. If you want the government to take more money from people and redistribute it, you’re a kind, caring, and generous person. Don’t forget to rail against capitalism using your IPhone on twitter and Facebook while drinking your favorite coffee at Starbucks.

10917366_338727222998778_6814298900434322782_n 10978496_337656119772555_5508895222494468787_n American_Left_160 Occupy11.17d freepluto

As always, it’s important for leftists to keep their millions, but give up your cash for the greater good. You don’t want to be a part of the evil Koch brothers’ conspiracy do you?

Comrade, give your cash for carbon credits and feel smug today!

global-warming-is-man-made-maksim-peoples-cube Climate_Change_CHart_Measure Al Gore Church algoregaia

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