Women for Jihad and the Islamic State

Kadiza-Sultana_Mis_3206616c isis_2949475b

Are you a young, impressionable, forward-thinking, Muslim woman of breeding age? Then I’ve found the latest craze for you, becoming the bride of an Islamic State fighter in the war-torn countries of Iraq and Syria! It’s where all of the “straight A” and “normal students” are heading out to.  Just look at how many young women have gone to the Middle East from European countries to join the “Caliphate”. Just look at the women who have left Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Austria. Remember, no young women who head to the Islamic State have regrets, ever. I wonder what such people find so appealing?

With your new life in the Caliphate, you’ll get to write things up such as how to be a proper woman under the Islamic State and how it’s not backward to prevent women from leaving the house and allowing girls as young as nine to marry. Don’t forget the possibility of being a “comfort woman” either, I bet that it’s a great life. And just take a look at who some of the “counter-extremists” are that are being cited by progressives to counter the Islamic State propaganda machine. There’s totally no relation between a man like Imam Mohamed Magid and the Muslim Brotherhood. Certainly gives me a lot of hope, what about you? At least the King of Jordan takes the Islamic State seriously. I’m sure that the current U.S. administration has some jobs that would surely stop people from signing up for Jihad. Maybe it’ll just become “workplace violence”.

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Jobs-for-ISIS-copy.jpg,qresize=490,P2C275.pagespeed.ce.mr4BSgR2-zmJQVTB-x2T Jobless-Jihadi-copy.jpg,qresize=540,P2C383.pagespeed.ce.Um1zfzBmWOWi_evqKrVO Hassan-copy.jpg,qresize=443,P2C600.pagespeed.ce.A3u-WcPZUlOXoYgiy9RF Give-ISIS-Jobs-copy.jpg,qresize=404,P2C600.pagespeed.ce.pzhitxfaEYNt5jZxZuBg

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