Dignity, Fifty Shades of Government, Good News, and 80%

Here are some more photos with which to re-educate yourself and prove to your selfish Losertarian and evil KKKonservative friends why they’re wrong and contributing to the evil Koch brothers’ conspiracy. As always, these pictures will be full of some awesome groupthink. Enjoy!

Surrender your dignity for the greater good comrade. The only thing that matters in life is free stuff.


Just sit there and take what’s coming your way…


How do you like your news?


Remember, if you can see the Hamas bumper sticker you’re about to enter the afterlife. Don’t forget to support the savage! They desire death as you desire life.

HamasBumperStickers--Hamas-Side-Story-PoliticalXray-03a-600x207 Bumper_Sticker_Hamas_Blow_Twitter Palestinian_Ads_Suicidals 2kad4e5133fc


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