Bipartisan politics, Executive Action, the all-new Gay Card, and borders

Today’s post will be just full of fun-filled facts and ideas for the not-so-secret socialist that’s hiding in our Democratic/Progressive comrades. These pictures will have everything you need to defeat RethughliKKKans and selfish Losertarians. As always, share these photos with your friends so that they too can be properly re-educated. Enjoy!

The Democratic Party and CPUSA are now working together, there’s no pretense for a difference between the two anymore. This must be a sign that the Democratic Party is taking credit for the policies that “it so richly deserves”.

Obama_Stalin_Communists_Dems Poster Save Economy Pay Tax

Is Executive Action on Amnesty illegal or legal? Let’s ask a Constitutional professor and find out.


Are you trying to find a good grievance? Do you want rights above those granted in the Constitution? Apply for your all-new Gay Card today! It’s the card that you can use regardless of race, even if you’re white comrades. Remember, it’s acceptable to deny services to heterosexuals whilst the same homosexuals decry heterosexuals for doing the same thing. Just accept the doublethink, it’s good for you. Read the full story at The People’s Cube.

Gay_Card_Race_Card 33448

Which countries borders are important? Maybe progressives will talk about another Syrain “red line”.


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