The vacuous feminists VS. the factual feminist

It’s video time again, this time from a man with a YouTube screen name of bane666au. This video compares the FCKH8 video, you know, the one with the little girls saying fuck and spouting off statistics they themselves don’t understand, to: actual facts, reliable sources, and logical arguments. While I wish that Bane didn’t use Microsoft Sam quite so much, the video is still pretty insightful. A lot of feminists claim to be egalitarian, but I really don’t believe that from many of them. Most women are also avoiding the f-word, so perhaps there is something amiss with modern feminism. Which side of this story do you think is better, a bunch of girls spouting profanity and statistics that they themselves didn’t research/understand fully or the factual feminist?

Here are some of the more insightful comments:

feminism2.1 feminism2.2 feminism2.4

How many feminists really believe in equality? How many feminists are sexist? How many believe in Habeas Corpus? Let’s ask some of them:

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