A Ferguson shooting suspect and a false confession

One of the more interesting news stories I just read on Yahoo! News was about the Ferguson protester, Jeffrey Williams, who shot two cops. Him and his lawyer are now claiming that he was pistol whipped and coerced into giving up a confession. The lawyer for Mr. Williams, Jerryl Christmas quipped:  “He told me that he never fired a weapon,” and “I think under those circumstances he would have said anything,”. Mr. Christmas is claiming some bruises in his mugshot as proof of police brutality.

Jeffrey Williams Killings by Police Ferguson

Just you wait though, this story gets better. A pastor who went to visit Mr. Williams, Derrick Robinson, reported on Sunday and Monday that Williams expressed remorse and stated: “He told me that he shouldn’t have done it,“. I suppose that claiming he was gunning for someone else when he hit some cops over 100 meters away wasn’t working, so it was time to try another excuse out. I mean, why not right? The accused is always presumed innocent until proven guilty though, but I’m really curious as to what the defense is going to do during the trial.

Yahoo! News-Ferguson shooting suspect gave false confession, lawyer says

As always, the comments section of the Yahoo! articles provides plenty of insight. Let’s take a look at some of the top comments:

I’m sure that someone will believe this…


This too…


What this commenter is saying is in fact true. It seems hard to believe, but here’s a reference for anyone who’s interested.

Ferguson ferguson-16-warrant-stats

Plausibility and logic, who needs that?


What are the opinions held by those of you reading this? That’s all for now.

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