Universal voting, #Race Together, and the flowchart of oppression and guilt

Have you heard about how some progressives are calling for the government to force all U.S. citizens to vote to “counteract money”? As I’ve pointed out, progressives only have a problem with money in politics if it’s from someone who holds an opposing viewpoint. I suppose that forcing people to do things is all the rage these days, so who cares about the first amendment?


You may have read about Starbucks and their #Race Together campaign recently. This is where the management of Starbucks is encouraging their baristas to write #Race Together on the cups of their customers to facilitate a discussion on race. The management of Starbucks is so interested in race conversations, that the Senior VP of Global Communications deleted his Twitter account after people asked some questions.

RAMclr-032115-starbucks-IBD-COLOR-FINAL-oped-147.gif.cms_.gif,qresize=580,P2C420.pagespeed.ce.rizM1bX4M80ngNiyMMHl sk031915dAPC CAfQ3RDUsAAo-kx.jpg:large

Comments from the Yahoo! News article:

racetogether racetogether1 racetogether2

This last picture is a simple, easy to use explanation on how you may be oppressing others. Just accept your guilt already and admit that only white people have had slaves or empires.


Another cis-gendered, privileged white male being a xenophobic racist:

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