Worst Feminists of 2014

Feminists say some pretty funny things, and it can be very hard to rate which ones were the worst in any given year. I can honestly say though, that the feminist in the #1 spot is most certainly deserving of being declared the worst feminist of 2014. You might be thinking that it’s Emma Watson due to here U.N. speech and ironic HeforMe campaign or the woman in that asinine “harassment” ad, but someone else was indeed more deserving of such an award.

Which video do you like better, a bunch of little girls saying F-bombs to sell t-shirts, or the following video?

Which first time is better? You decide!

I wonder how many good laughs feminists will give us this year? There are so many months left…

ByPEJkeCUAAg9lM.jpg large feminism tumblr_necacmYSYJ1skr6sfo1_500

Why would anyone ever get this idea about feminists?


53185940 i_bathe_in_male_tears_tee_shirts-r4ad1e0d7300946b7aedb1900aefdf67f_8naze_512

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