A nuclear agreement with Iran

President Obama recently touted the framework agreement that has been reached with Iran as being able to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. Never mind that Iran was already a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, I’m sure that the Iranian government will have just as much respect for any final agreement that’s reached as they do for the NPT. We’ll also just have to ignore that the demands placed upon the Iranians, such as getting rid of their heavy water reactor are no longer required according to President Obama. What else says nothing going on here like building your enrichment facilities underground in the side of a mountain? President Rouhani certainly talks as if he got everything he wanted out of this agreement and stated among other things: Fordo (uranium enrichment plant) will remain operational forever with 1,000 centrifuges installed in there and nuclear and physics-related activities and technologies will run there.

Some of you may also remember that letter forty-seven Senators sent to the Iranian government which stated that any agreement that doesn’t go through Congress is not an actual treaty and that any future president (or Congress) could nullify said agreement. The actual letter seems pretty simple and I’m wondering which contents of the letter are incorrect? But of course, bunch progressives got up in arms about it and started a White House petition to prosecute the “47 traitors”. I wonder if these same progressives would consider Ted Kennedy asking the Soviets to intervene in the 1984 elections would cry treason? I suppose that the letter written by ten Democratic Party Senators to Nicaragua in 1984 also is irrelevant. Secretary of State Kerry even admits that the agreement is not an actual treaty:

If you’re interested in listening to Kerry talk more about this, here you go:

Remember when some were claiming that North Korea would never build a nuclear weapon or delivery system? Don’t you just love listening to the intellectual giant known as Marie Harf dribble on?

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