President Obama’s “personal” fight against climate change

Today’s humor and satire is courtesy of President Obama and recent comments about climate change. The President is claiming climate change is a personal issue for him since his daughter had an asthma attack, because Malia Obama’s asthma attacks totally has everything to do with climate change and not his previous smoking habits. Many would say that blaming everything on global warming climate change is ridiculous, but then again websites that track what global warming climate change is purported to cause show hundreds of problems caused by said global warming climate change. Climate change seems like a pretty good scapegoat, so why not just blame everything on it?

As is usual, I first read about this on Yahoo! News and have taken the time to snapshot the more interesting comments:

asthma asthma1 asthma3 asthma4

I think that I should use climate change as an excuse for not going to work. I got a cold so I’m going to blame everything about it on climate change. I’m also very scared about what’s happening to Mother Earth. I’m going to go cry over a tree now…

Which one do you like better?

Sea-Level-Two ipcc-models-predict-future.png,qresize=580,P2C431.pagespeed.ce.pTwlKPz1iMMoETMdPESb CMIP5-90-models-global-Tsfc-vs-obs-thru-2013 IPCC_Warming_Predictions_Wide

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