A “Honest Teaser”

One of the comic book movies that will come out soon (and probably upset some DC/Marvel fanboys) is Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice. It’ll have the brooding, moody Englishman that played Superman in Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) and Ben Affleck who stared in such wonderful movies like: Gigli, Pearl Harbor, and Daredevil as Batman. There was a teaser trailer released about this movie recently to give a peek at the film. In this post, I have two teasers posted up and am curious as to which one all of you think is better? Can you tell which one is the real one?

For anyone who’s interested in how Ben Affleck’s last try in a Marvel movie went, here you go:

To be fair though, the director of Daredevil, Mark Steven Johnson, also directed other bad movies like Ghost Rider and Elektra. Poor writing and directing had much more to do with Daredevil being a bad film, but I just wanted to get a few jabs in at Ben Affleck.

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