Happy birthday, dear Comrade Lenin!

Haven’t you heard comrade, today is a wonderful and glorious day. On this day in 1870, Vladimir Lenin was born. Indeed, Premier Khrushchev chose well when he made April 22 a national holiday in the Soviet Union. It’s also Earth Day, another fine holiday in which to show your loyalty to the collective, support the Communist Party and revolution (nature before profits comrade), and celebrate all of the accurate and precise predictions that fellow environmentalists such as Kommissar Holdren have come up with.

dearleader2 dearleader1 dearleader

I’ve posted up plenty of progressive truth and artwork in this post, and will continue to spread the collective truth. Make sure to share all that you can with your friends so that they too can learn and understand how to defend the Party and protect Mother Earth. Enjoy!

34119 EarthDay_Envorinmental_Scares EarthDay_NYT_frontPage MEDAL_Certificate Capitol_Pelosi_Kulak_Rally

Fellow members of the Proletariat, ensure that you prostrate yourself before the old growth and atone for the crime of existing…

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