The limitations of international protest

In spite of protests from several governments including Australia, Brazil and Nigeria, Indonesia has executed eight people a few hours ago. The Bali Nine were convicted of smuggling several kilograms of cocaine through the resort island of Bali back in 2005 after receiving tips from the Australian Federal Police. A woman from the Philippines, Mary Jane Veloso, was spared at the eleventh hour. It seems that those who recruited Veloso came forward and surrendered to Philippine authorities. A Frenchman who was slated to be executed, Serge Atlaoui, has had his sentenced delayed due to a pending legal challenge.

Vigil Held For Bali Nine Pair On Execution Day Indonesia Executions Australian death row prisoners Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are seen in a holding cell waiting to attend a review hearing in the District Court of Denpasar in Bali

Of course, there have been vigils, protests, diplomatic wrangling, pleas, and once the executions finally happened Australia withdrew their ambassador for “consultations”. Brazil had previously withdrawn their ambassador for an execution in January and is currently “evaluating” its relationship with Indonesia. Australian politicians are condemning the executions in “the strongest terms possible“.

Indonesia Executions Families Of Bali 9 Duo Visit Prison Ahead Of Execution An armoured police vehicle believed to be carrying two Australian prisoners, arrives at the port to take a ferry to the prison island of Nusa Kambangan, where upcoming executions are expected to take place, in Cilacap, Central Java

I’m curious as to what any of the countries of the executed citizens will actually do, aside from some posturing. Will they sever all ties with Indonesia, Will they cut off any and all trade? Would they actually do anything? I’m very curious, but it’s not as if Indonesia hasn’t executed foreigners before. I also wonder how much some of these countries would protest against China for executing drug dealers? Indonesian President Widodo doesn’t seem to keen on granting clemency to drug dealers and traffickers…

Honestly, regardless of what I think about this, or anyone else for that matter, Indonesia will continue to execute drug dealers. Plenty of other countries will also continue executions and/or have it available if deemed necessary. If I ever do visit Indonesia, I’ll simply be content with seeing the sights. What do those of you reading this think? Is the Indonesian government (and all others that implement the death penalty) evil, or did the drug dealers get what was coming?

Yahoo! News-Indonesia executes foreign drug convicts, defying global anger

CNN-Indonesia executes 8 drug smugglers by firing squad

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