Conservative victory in the United Kingdom

The election results for the general election in the U.K. are out, and the Tories managed to win 331 out of 650 seats. The Conservatives gained 24 seats while Labour lost 26 and Liberal-Democrats lost 49. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) didn’t win too many seats, but managed to win about four million of the popular vote. Even with the seats that went to the Scottish National Party, it would seem that progressives were soundly defeated. The Labour Party essentially ran a platform based upon, taxing the rich, opposing Conservative policies that support the “privileged”, “Living Wage”, and many other socialist ideas. The Conservatives ran off of a different set of ideals and beat out what boiled down to Hope and Change™. The Labour Party is blaming “fear”, an “us versus them” mentality, and a “campaign built on a lie”.So much for being a gracious loser.

PM David Cameron is looking pretty happy...
PM David Cameron is looking pretty happy…

Just as in the 2014 U.S. elections, Republicans and Conservatives weren’t expected(24% chance of 54 Senate seats per the New York Times) to do as well as they did (net gain of nine Senate seats and 13 House seats). A quick perusal through various news sources shows that few believed the Conservatives could win such a victory. As I stated earlier, British leftists are the ones must stunned by the election results. Let’s ask a British leftist how he feels about the “bastards” and “extreme right-wingers”?

In honor of how British leftists feel about the election results, here’s how some American progressives felt about the U.S. 2014 election:

Tell us how you're feeling Miliband...
Tell us how you’re feeling Miliband…

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