More fruits of Dear Leader’s foreign policy: Jordan edition

Greetings comrades, I bear more good news concerning President Obama’s foreign policy. In line with the administration’s thoughts on “leading from behind“, the Obama administration denied selling Predator drones to Jordan to fight the Islamic State. Every single member of the Senate Armed Services Committee even signed a letter emploring the administration to send the hardware to the Kingdom of Jordan, yet the Obama administration in all of its intelligence, wisdom, and understanding still denied the request. But since President Obama quipped: “our coalition is on the offensive. ISIL is on the defensive, and ISIL is going to lose“, perhaps the fight against the Islamic State is nearly over?

_82837606_iraq_syria_air_strikes_624_v38 A_Drones.JPEG-0b3a8_c0-102-2000-1267_s561x327

   It seems that the Chinese are willing to sell/share their own equivalent technology with Jordan, helping to fill the vacuum left by the United States. Nothing says leadership like turning over responsibility to someone else right? It doesn’t seem like a lot of other Middle Eastern states are to trusting of the the U.S. either. Dear Leader is also proposing that news networks shouldn’t show footage of Islamic State convoys during the day and stated the following: “We are urging broadcasters to avoid using the familiar B-roll that we’ve all seen before,“. The State Department’s special envoy for the coalition against the Islamic State is urging broadcasters to show footage of coalition bombings and U.S. troops training Iraqi soldiers. Nothing like using the media to support state narratives right comrades?


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