Hillary for President, class envy, and the Obamacard

Here are some more Party approved images with which to educate your friends on the Current Truth. As always, be sure to share as much groupthink around as possible. Enjoy comrades!

Why is there even going to be a Presidential election in 2016? Why not just make Billary President for life? We all know that she’s dead broke and provides sound leadership.

34205-hillbill Hillary-Clinton-Opens-Campaign-on-Cover-of-Elle-Magazine-0001aAa-595-789 Hillary_Poor_Family

Every faithful Party member understands that wealth is not meant to be kept by those who generate it, but rather those who need it. Don’t be greedy comrade, be willing to share and you will keep what the State deems necessary.

piggybank-classenvy-vote-m126 Obamacare_Flag_Poster_Profit

Fellow proles, don’t you wish that you had an Obamacard? You to can be freed from the yoke of capitalist oppression and  have you labor exploited no more! Sign up today, before you are convicted of thoughtcrime and hatethink. You wouldn’t want to be re-educated in tolerance camp would you?

obamacard-poster-tpc 9076 obamacard-ad-tpc

Don’t forget about the valiant warriors in the Occupy movement…

Occupy_Uranus 34354

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