Strategies are for losers…

Just ask any progressive, or Dear Leader and they’ll tell you, strategies aren’t necessary. Why, President Obama even admitted he doesn’t have any strategy to fight the Islamic State. I suppose Dear Leader found it easier to blame the Pentagon rather than just admit he has no interest in fighting. Never fear though proles, Dear Leader has promised to come up with something to fight the Junior Varsity challenge with and promises to share a final training plan with citizens of the U.S.S.A soon. Perhaps Dear Leader has an elite strike force in mind to fight the Islamic State?

International Business Times-The Fight Against ISIS: Critics Blast President Obama’s About Lack Of Strategy At G-7 Summit

CNN-Obama: No “complete strategy” yet on training Iraqis

Let’s listen to what the Communist News Network had to say on this issue back in October of 2014:

Don’t put the “cart before the horse”:


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